Gentleman Host - Dancing Partner - Cruise ship travel
Taxitänzer Tanzpartner Begleitung - Kreuzfahrt und Tanz Schiff Reisen

News 2018

Current location:

... 2018 ...

Austria, Bad Schallerbach

Planned places:

... 06/ 07/ 08 - 2018


Gentleman Dance Host - Dancing partner Austria

As a nice, personal dancing partner for cruise ship travels, dance events in dance clubs, dance bars and other venues as well as for events such as weddings, balls and other Localities

Gentleman Dance Host - Dancing class partner

In dancing schools for beginners and advanced standard dance classes up to silver as well as for single dance classes and workshops

Only Gentleman Dance Host - No dance lessons

As dancing dating partner, but without professional dance lessons. However, there are dancing schools which offer professional dance lessons we could attend together

Gentleman Dance Host - Dancing hall partner,

preferred for normal dances with focus on freestyle hustle, discofox, cha cha cha, salsa and additionally rockn roll, standard

gentleman dance host ballroom dancing partner cruise ship

gentleman dance host dance hall partner

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Gentleman Dance Host

Ballroom, Wedding, offizial Events

Gentleman Dance Host

Dance Hall, Dancing Course, Dance Party

Gentleman Dance Host

Dancing Cruis Ship, Dance Events

Defination of a Gentleman Dance Host:

A Gentleman Dance Host is a true gentleman, who makes your dream about a man who can dance come true. For an agreed period of time, ist he a charming partner who also likes to flirt a little bit.

For balls, official events, dance bars, dance classes, cruises, journeys, leisure time, company parties, bachelorette nights, cruise ship line dance, datings, ladys night, party ship,  etc.

Nothing more,  no less ...

Gentleman Dance Host locations for a meeting date:

Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, South America, Africa, Worldwide

About me ...

I am a 50 years old and 178 centimetre tall amateur dancer, who thinks that dancing is a nice and fun free time activity to stay fit.

I must emphasize that I am neither a dancing teacher nor a professional dancer.

I am very pleased about all requests from amateur dancers who don’t have an appropriate dancing partner at the moment. A Gentleman Dance Host is "your private Partner" for your Dancing Evening or your Dance Journey

A few of my interests für small talk:

Holidays at the beach with lots of sun and palm trees, pools, wellness, nudism, camping, all-inclusive holidays, current hits and Schlager music.

My preferred  dances are Freestyle Hustle, Discofox and Salsa.
I am an ambitious, honest, reliable and very creative person with a positive attitude.
My preferred season is definitively the warm spring and the sunny summer and late summer.
My element is water.

What i don´t like:

Cold weather, rain, vacation at the mountains or in the cold north, overweight dancing partners, unkempt appearance, jazz music

My favourite places to stay

Mallorca, Ibiza, Florida, Rovinj, Miami, Caribbean, Cuba, Domenican Republic, Bankok, Hong Kong, Thailand, Cuba

My language skills from 1 to 5:

German +++++
English ++
Spain +

My daning skills from 1 to 5:

Huste, Discofox +++++
Tscha Tscha Tscha +++
Rockn Roll +++
Standard +++
Salsa +++

Cruise Ship Travel, Ballroom Dancing, Kizomba Workshop


Recommendation Price for 24h exclusive Willingness:

The daily expense allowance is 500 Euro or 650 US Dollar per Day
+ expenses and other costs such as flight tickets, travel tickets or enttrance fee
+ board and lodging

Payment: Only in advance by credit card or Paypal!

Priority requests Areas and Countries!

Ports and Countries - Mediterranean and Adria:

Ports and Countries - Canaries und Atlantic:

Ports and Countries - Orient and Asia:

Ports and Countries - North America, Central America South America and Caribbean:

Priority requests Shipping Companies!