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 Gentleman Host - Dance Date Partner

Gentleman Host for Dance Dates, Ballroom, Wedding, Public Event, Dinner and Dance, Dance Course, Dance Class, Workshop, Cruise Ship Travel, Dance Traveling, Dance Hall, private Danceing, Dance Party


Dance date partner

Gentleman Host as a nice, personal dancing partner for cruise ship travels, dance events in dance clubs, dance bars and other venues as well as for events such as weddings, balls and other Localities

Dancing class partner

Gentleman Host for dancing schools with beginners and advanced standard dance classes up to silver as well as for single dance classes and workshops

Only Gentleman Host - No dance lessons

Gentleman Host as dancing date partner, but without professional dance lessons. However, there are dancing schools which offer professional dance lessons we could attend together

Dance hall partner

Gentleman Host, preferred for normal dances with focus on freestyle hustle, discofox, cha cha cha, salsa, kizomba and additionally rockn roll, boogie, standard

- Currently only for information about Gentleman Host

gentleman host ballroom wedding public events

Gentleman Host for Ballroom, Wedding, Public Events

gentleman host dance party dance course workshops

 Gentleman Host for Dance Party, Dance Course, Workshops

gentleman host cuise ship travel dance traveling

Gentleman Host for Cruise Ship Travel, Dance Traveling

gentleman host dinner and dance

Gentleman Host for Dinner and Dance

gentleman host dance hall private dancing

Gentleman Host for Dance Hall, Private Dancing

Defination of a Gentleman Host, Kavalier, Gigolo, Distinguished Gents:


 A Gentleman Dance Host is a true gentleman, who makes your dream about a man who can dance come true. For an agreed period of time, ist he a charming partner who also likes to flirt a little bit.

Your Gentleman Host is an charming and very open minded personality with a strong code of honor and moral ethics.

Gentleman Hosts or Gentleman Dance Hosts exists within the cruis line industrie and river boat companies. With a growing number of independent ladies traveling, the number of male and female gentleman hosts ist also growing.

Especially for cruise ship line dance, river boat tours, party ship or private yacht trips but also for balls, official events, dance bars, dance classes, cruises, journeys, leisure time, company parties, bachelorette nights, dates, ladys night  etc.

Nothing more,  no less ...

The Hosts have differnt names in other countries but mean almost the same. Austria - Taxitänzer, Germany Eintänzer, French Contries - Kavalier and Gigolos, America, english Countries - Distinguished Gent

Locations für meeting dates:

Meetings in Europe, Aisia, Australia, North America, South America, Africa and Worldwide - Standard, Boogie, Hustle, Salsa, Kizomba and Bachata

Ports and Countries - Worldwide:

Mediterranean and Adria, Canaries and Atlantic, Orient and Asia, North America, Central America, South America, Caribbiea